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Our Julian Finnigan is back on the road this week in The Holmes and Watson Tour 2021 with Pyramus and Thisbe Productions! Click the link to see all the dates and venues for The Holmes and Watson Tour 2021. Catch them throughout Sept & Oct. Here are...

Our very own Richard Kay appeared in  Tales from the Great Wood  Our stalwart Richard Kay performs with the amazing Badapple Theatre Company again in this enchanting piece. Well done Richard!! photographer Karl Andre Photographer Karl Andre Tales from The Great WoodWritten and directed by Kate Bramley, starring Richard Kay and Danny Mellor.Design by Catherine Dawn. Listen!...

Our very own Kathryn Hanke appeared in Bracknell Forest Giants over the summer. Our stalwart Kathryn Hanke performs with the fabulous Bakehouse Factory again in this marvelous piece. Well done Kathryn!! Photos were taken by Scott Kershaw Photography ...

Our very own Mark Wadsworth appears in the BBC latest online content 'How Not to Interview a Disable Person'. This is a welcomed return to the small screen for Mark and nice to see him in a very important and timely piece. Well done Mark. ...

Our amazing clients Ashley Pekri and Sarah Oldknow appear in Tie It Up Theatre's digital resource 'Hard to Swallow' written by Mark Wheeler. “Hard to Swallow” is a play based on Maureen Dunbar’s award winning novel and film “Catherine: The Story of a young girl who died...

Our very own Kathryn Hanke has just finished working with The Gramophones Theatre Company and the Leicester Curve Theatre and will appear in the show 'Aidy the Awesome' digital stream. The show will be available to watch from 31st May to 3rd June. Well done Kathryn, this...