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Mark plays the leading role of Ringo a depressed clown, for the filming of Ringo and Ziggy, a short film by Langton films, directed by Orla Langton. This project was filmed in March 2020 in Yorkshire and is currently awaiting editing. ...

Our very own Sarah Oldknow appears in the #BrandNew advert for The Barnado's. ...

Martina has just finished filming with formidable Indie band Ist Ist for their track Black from their new album Architecture. ...

‘Myles and Me’ is an eye-opening journey into living with an uninvited MonSter. What’s it like to have to change your life without free choice? Can Vicky make it work? 'Myles and Me’ centres on the experience of Vicky Strong, played by Ruth Curtis, as she...

This will be the 36th Jorvik Viking festival and Will is working for Ting Tang Theatre at the festival from the 15th - 23rd Feb. performing three, three-hander Sword Fighting Story Telling shows in St Sampson's Square.These will be exploring three different Voyaging Vikings, real...

A live audio drama by Paul Birch The Nuisance Inspector is a live retelling of the drama behind the Hungate Clearances in the 1930s. York’s newest Health Inspector encounters more than he bargains for in the mysterious and extraordinary alleys and yards of Hungate. Based on real events...