Direct PM | ELLEN MCAUSLAN in ‘Citizen Clown’
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ELLEN MCAUSLAN in ‘Citizen Clown’

As part of the Love Arts Festival, Citizen Clown & Other Plays by local writer Sarah Wallis  at the Crowd of Favours Pub in Leeds on the 17th Oct 2017.

Three new short plays that deal with mental health and journeys to better health, Citizen Clown attempts to find a way through loneliness, gathered on a rooftop of his city with friends. In Robot & Syndicate we are encouraged to take a journey to self awareness with RHODA and Celeste. Out of This World looks for hope in a mind taken over by dementia like holes in ragged knitting but it isn’t only Alice that needs to learn how to deal with her changed circumstances.

Photo by Michael J Oakes