Direct PM | Kathryn Hanke in ‘Museum of Untold Stories’
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Kathryn Hanke in ‘Museum of Untold Stories’

Kathryn Hanke joins Alive & Kicking Theatre Company for their touring show The Museum of Untold Stories.
Dates: 17th-19th of Jan, 22th-26th of Jan & 29th-30th of Jan 2018.

“The Museum of Untold Stories is a mysterious playground for the imagination, a magical place to inspire storytelling and promote drama and literacy. The Museum exists outside time and space in the World of Imaginative Reality and can turn up anywhere.…”

Alive And Kicking deliver high-quality interactive drama for primary schools within and beyond the creative curriculum. Creating epic narrative journeys that explore complex moral and social issues and offer a cross-curricular and community focus. They are dedicated to making dramas that involve working with the children themselves and with parents, teachers and the wider community.

Alive & Kicking Website.