Direct PM | Kathryn Hanke in ‘Museum of Untold Stories’
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Kathryn Hanke in ‘Museum of Untold Stories’

Kathryn Hanke joins Alive & Kicking Theatre Company for their touring show The Museum of Untold Stories.
Dates: 17th-19th of Jan, 22th-26th of Jan & 29th-30th of Jan 2018.

“The Museum of Untold Stories is a mysterious playground for the imagination, a magical place to inspire storytelling and promote drama and literacy. The Museum exists outside time and space in the World of Imaginative Reality and can turn up anywhere.โ€ฆ”

Alive And Kicking deliver high-quality interactive drama for primary schools within and beyond the creative curriculum. Creating epic narrative journeys that explore complex moral and social issues and offer a cross-curricular and community focus. They are dedicated to making dramas that involve working with the children themselves and with parents, teachers and the wider community.

Alive & Kicking Website.