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Richard has been performing for audiences of stage and screen since he was a young boy. A life of living history and re-enactment meant he spent most of his early years in period dramas and documentaries before pursuing his passion for acting, writing and directing through school and university, along the way, creating and performing in many plays and short films.

Over the years he has had many sources for experience and training, notably a Shakespeare focused course with Sprite Productions in 2010 with members of the RSC, A 2:1 degree in Drama and Creative Writing with John Moores University (2011-2014) and an eighteen month long course with YAFTA, for which he won the award for 'Best Male Actor' in 2015.

Since then, Richard has been dedicated to expanding his experience and abilities, mainly returning to his roots by focusing on historic based productions, while also developing his love for comedies and strong comedic capabilities. Always one to stay versatile and expand his repertoire, he has performed in productions ranging from stage, to screen, from site specific, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Notable performances include the York Mystery Plays (2014), Moby Dick (2016) and Dinosaurs in the Wild (2017/2018).

Richard is currently working on furthering his screen acting and pursuing further into voice acting work.

Age: 25-35yrs, Male