Direct PM | RICHARD THIRLWALL in Dinosaurs in the Wild
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Dinosaurs in the Wild

RICHARD THIRLWALL in Dinosaurs in the Wild

Oct-Dec 2017
till 2 January 2018

Richard Thirlwall is currently appearing in this unique, immersive, live-action family adventure in Birmingham and Manchester where audience members travel back in time to witness ‘living dinosaurs’ in the late Cretaceous, 67 million years ago.

“Your adventure takes you to TimeBase 67 – an extraordinary research station built in the past – to meet time-travelling scientists who now study real, living dinosaurs instead of fossils. Tour their laboratories, watch them at work and see incredible sights like young dinosaurs in cages, a dinosaur autopsy and chicks emerging from eggs. Ride across the Cretaceous plains through herds of huge dinosaurs likeTriceratops and Ankylosaurus, then come eye to eye with an angry Tyrannosaurus rex. Discover the very latest research and gain fascinating new insights into these amazing creatures.”

For more information go to: Dinosaurs in the Wild