Direct PM | Welcome to New Member Alyson Marks
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Welcome to New Member Alyson Marks

Our latest member Alyson has spent most of her life involved with theatre. Not just performing on stage but also working as a director, stage manager, prompter, lighting designer. Although she has appeared in many musicals she describes herself as an actor that can sing, rather than a singer.

Alyson is often cast in comedy roles, but she’s never quite sure why.

In 2010 Alyson turned her career towards the small screen. Since then she has appeared on Television in Brief Encounters, Timewasters, No Offence, Cradle to Grave, Peaky Blinders, Missing the Point, The Last Witch, Homefront, Urban and the Shed Crew, Just Henry, Syndicate, and has made many low budget films and TV programmes.

Alyson has also worked extensively in the Corporate Sector.