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SKY PEALS - DPM Actors in new film release at Leeds Film Festival

If you are going to @leedsfilmfest this year, you can catch our brilliant SARAH OLDKNOW and WILL TRISTRAM in Moin Hussain’s @moinwjh SKY PEALS. See tickets & info at Leeds Film Festival

Moin Hussain’s first feature, filmed in Yorkshire, is a bold and atmospheric tale of existential dread and alienation. Faraz Ayub plays Adam, a shy and anxious young man who leads a solitary life and works night shifts at the Sky Peals Green motorway service station. When he learns that his estranged father has died, Adam begins piecing together a picture of a troubled man who believed he wasn’t human and starts to wonder if he might be an alien too. Hussain skillfully draws on elements of science fiction to create an eerie and arresting debut, and an imaginative meditation on identity, isolation, and belonging.



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